Skaters rolling in to test park, but it’s not open yet

Riley Skate Park in Farmington Hills is nearly open… the kids are excited but they’re just going to have to wait just a little bit longer.


Riley Skate Park isn’t slated to open until next month, but that isn’t stopping skateboarders from trying to get in a few rides on one of the completed bowls.

“It’s incredible,” Rob Woelkers said of the the 29,000-square-foot park. Woelkers owns PLUS Skateboarding in downtown Farmington, which sells skateboarding gear. “I go every day and look at it.”

But Farmington Hills city officials are asking Woelkers and other skaters to wait, so the $875,000 facility in Founders Sports Park on 8 Mile Road isn’t damaged.

“We know they are excited,” said David Boyer, director of the city’s Special Services Department. “But we need them to hold off a few more weeks.”

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