Rolling Stoves Food Truck Owners to Open Restaurant Monday in Farmington

Excerpt: Customers won’t need to search out the truck in order to get their fix of The Rolling Stoves food anymore.

The Farmington-based food truck, ran by Joshua and Carli Mansfield, has now set up shop in a brick-and-mortar restaurant opening to the public Monday.

“Very, very happy. It’s been good though,” she said when asked if she was happy the restaurant would finally open. “We’ve definitely stepped out of our comfort zone.”

The couple was set to open its doors in late September at its new restaurant, 20780 Farmington in Farmington. Just north of Eight Mile, the restaurant occupies the long-empty storefront next to Dunkin’ on the site that formerly housed Big Boy. It’s been in the process for nearly a year, Mansfield said, one that took a lot longer than expected.

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