Riley Skate Park ready to skate in Farmington Hills

Skateboarding will reach new heights when the Riley Skate Park opens in Farmington Hills on June 29, hopefully.

“The weather slowed us down with the grading and landscaping,” says Bryan Farmer, recreation supervisor for Farmington Hills.

$850,000 skate park has rolled down a long, winding path to get where
it is today. Ground broke late in 2007 and work has gone through a
fit-and-start or two since then. But it’s practically all done now, and
the Oakland County suburb has something special to show for it.

beyond the typical concrete hills, ramps and rails that dominate the
stereotypical skate park in the Midwest, it has an 8-foot-tall cylinder
that looks like a sewer pipe built into the ground instead of above it
and a variety of in-ground features resembling concrete pits and
ditches. The idea is to give the park a “West Coast” feel that most
local skaters have yet to experience in Metro Detroit.

29,000-square-foot venue is the newest attraction at Founders Sports
Park at 35500 Eight Mile Road between Gill and Halstead roads, near the
Farmington Hills Ice Arena. About 200 skaters a day are expected.

The skate park is named after George Riley of the Riley Foundation,
who gave $500,000 toward the project. Organizers are still working to
raise more money to add extra features, such as Web cameras and lights.

For information on the project, contact Farmer at (248) 473-1805 or

Source: Bryan Farmer, recreation supervisor for Farmington Hills
Writer: Jon Zemke