PhotoTheric grows business, staff in Farmington Hills

Scott Franklin turned one of his larger problems in life into a growing business called PhotoTheric.

In the 1990s, Franklin suffered from eczema, a skin disorder that involves scaly, itchy rashes. He became frustrated with the lack of effective treatments until he discovered phototherapy, a painless light therapy administered by physicians to treat skin conditions.

“I found relief,” Franklin says. “I found I could easily control the condition to keep it in remission.”

That turned into Franklin’s own business in 2003. Today PhotoTheric has partnered with nine doctors offices in Michigan and Indiana, including the addition of a Howell office last year. That sort of growth allowed the Farmington Hills-based business to recently hire another employee, expanding its staff to two people.

“We have been very successful with this business model because we help people,” Franklin says.

He is now working to spread PhotoTheric across the rest of the country, doubling the number of doctor offices within the next year.

Source: Scott Franklin, president of PhotoTheric
Writer: Jon Zemke

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