Jacobs’ quilts pop with ‘Whoo!’ factor

Quilts keep you warm and if they are made by Farmington Hills resident Jan Jacobs they’ll add a little pizazz, too.


Jan Jacobs, the 2009 Farmington Area Arts Commission Artist in Residence, creates quilts that are “really loud, really busy or they have hundreds of different fabrics.”

“I’m all about the ‘Whoo!'” said Jacobs. “When you see my quilts, I want you to go, ‘Whoo!'”

Jacobs of Farmington Hills creates these geometrical tapestries of color and texture by using everything from cotton, felt and wool to corduroy, blue jeans and even pieces of men’s dress shirts.

She’s careful not to coordinate the colors too closely, avoiding the dreaded bland look.

“I work with a lot of squares, a lot of rectangles and a lot of color,” said Jacobs, noting she has made between 70 and 100 quilts in her lifetime. “Quilting is actually a three dimensional art.

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