FPS is getting greener by the school year, report says

Farmington Public Schools are getting greener and greener by the year.

A few things Farmington Public Schools are going to go green:

  • In May, the district sponsored an E-waste Day at East Middle
    School, partnering with a firm that specializes in recycling old
    electronic equipment. Students and volunteers collected more than 25
    tons of used computers, monitors, printers, televisions, VCRs/DVDs and
    other equipment, which will be recycled rather than placed into a

  • The district’s facilities management department recycled more than
    6,500 fluorescent light bulbs and 160 cubic yards of scrap metal. Some
    2,400 pounds of batteries were recycled with Batteries Plus in
    Farmington Hills.

  • For district capital construction project bids, bid documents require
    that 75 percent of the demolition generated from each project be
    recycled. For instance, gravel from school re-roof projects will be
    used as stone backfill for storm drainage at the East Middle School
    paving project.

  • The school bus garage recycles vehicle batteries, tires, motor oil,
    parts, washer solvents and buys in bulk, which is more cost efficient
    and reduces packaging waste.
  • See the whole list here.