Farmington’s Mercedes-Benz Financial releases its iPhone app

Mercedes-Benz and iPhones seem like a natural combination of high-end toys for people who aren’t exactly poor. It’s why Mercedes-Benz Financial decided to combine the two to help streamline its payment process.

The Farmington Hills-based firm has recently released an application for iPhones that lets its users pay their car notes through smart phones. The 27-year-old automotive-focused finance company is the first of its kind to create an iPhone app that lets customers manage their accounts with safety, speed, and convenience.

“We’re seeing more and more of our
customers making payments to us electronically,” says Jack Ferry, a
spokesman for Mercedes-Benz Financial. “We want to extend that option
to their iPhones.”

The application is available for both iPhone and iPod Touch. It also allows users to find the nearest Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer location, contact a customer service representative, and see what’s new from Mercedes-Benz Financial.

The firm employs about 350-400 people at its Farmington Hills office. It recently decided to keep its offices in Metro Detroit after the Daimler/Chrysler split. More than 450,000 people in five countries finance their cars through Mercedes-Benz Financial.

Source: Jack Ferry, spokesman for Mercedes-Benz Financial
Writer: Jon Zemke