Farmington’s McNut Building gets a facelift

Work on the McNut Building is wrapping up in downtown Farmington. What once was a dreary single-story structure is now a spic-and-span, 2-floor building, thanks to a new façadectomy.

“There are a couple of details that need to be tweaked, but it’s ready to be photographed,” says Steven Schneemann, owner of S3 Architecture, which designed the new façade.

The century-old structure next to the Civic Theatre served as the home of Books Abound near the intersection of Grand River Avenue and Farmington Road before going vacant a few years ago. An ugly mid-20th Century façade covered it for most of that time.

A new face returns it to its original brick look, with a second story false front to boot. The nearby Exchange Building underwent a similar transformation last year.

The 1,600-square-foot structure is being renovated to accommodate an office tenant. The space is still available.

Source: Steven Schneemann, owner of S3 Architecture
Writer: Jon Zemke