Farmington Hills’ St. Claire plans expansion in safety sector

St. Claire doesn’t have one product. It
offers a diversity of services for a variety of clients, a business
plan that is allowing it to survive today so it can grow tomorrow.

Farmington Hills-based firm got its start in 1941 doing military
documentation during World War II. It transferred that business to the
private sector post war and has since morphed into helping firms comply
with OSHA, create safety signs, and develop software.

“We have quite a gamut of professionals working here,” says Tony Tonchev, vice president of St. Claire.

16-person firm with the occasional intern has streamlined its working
process in the last year. The thought behind the action is to find ways
to save its customers money and thus strengthen their business

“Complacency has no place here,” Tonchev says. “You can’t sit back and wait for the phone to ring. You have to be aggressive.”

company will focus its growth plans on its safety sector business.
Tonchev hopes to hire a few more people this year to correspond with
the new business his firm expects to nail down in 2010.

Source: Tony Tonchev, vice president of St. Claire
Writer: Jon Zemke