Farmington Hills spotlights green building incentives

Federal stimulus funds are making
Farmington Hills a more sustainable community. The city is offering
green building and sustainability incentives for local residents and

“We know we can’t do it by ourselves,” says Nate Geinzer, management assistant for the city of Farmington Hills.

city’s new Energy Efficiency Incentive Program is trying to reduce
fossil fuel emissions and total energy use by creating more energy
efficiency in the building, transportation, and other sectors.

The program is designed to empower
residents and businesses to make informed decisions regarding energy
efficiency improvements through a comprehensive energy audit.

It will provide cash incentives to those interested in conducting the
audits or installing eligible energy efficient or renewable energy
products in existing buildings. Think Energy Star appliances, solar
panels, insulation, and everything else that makes someone want to hug
a tree.

It will also provide an extra incentive to individuals
putting off needed improvements due to financial or other reasons, and
expand the market for advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy

For information on the program, call the Farmington
Hills Green Efforts Committee or the Farmington Hills Building Division
at 248-871-2450 or click here.

Source: Nate Geinzer, management assistant for the city of Farmington Hills
Writer: Jon Zemke