Farmington Hills Parks receive environmental award

Farmington Hills green spaces are getting green awards for not going the extra mile to make their grass as green as possible.

The city’s park system and gold club were recognized for their environmental stewardship by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. The Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program recognizes organizations for enhancing wildlife habitats and going above and beyond environmental compliance.

That could mean preventing pollutions and protecting waterways by using less fertilizer that contributes to water run-off pollution and reducing the maintained areas of the golf course. Other areas of recognition include conserving energy. For instance, the city received an energy audit of all of its buildings.

The city also created a new chemical storage room for its golf course, so spillage is contained in one area. Fertilizer and lawn maintenance is also limited to areas away from waterways and only done a few times a year.

“We have very good turf,” says Bill Wright, parks supervisor for Farmington Hills. “People are shocked when they hear that.”

Only 52 of the 230 properties participating in the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program have met the criteria for certification in Michigan. Farmington Hills is the first municipal park system to receive it.

Source: Bill Wright, parks supervisor for Farmington Hills
Writer: Jon Zemke