Dynamic Computer adds 4 employees, plans more hires

Dynamic Computer is turning business opportunities into some new jobs in Farmington Hills.

The IT firm recently added four jobs to its payroll and is looking for one more person now. More openings are expected in the future to aid in the company’s expansion.

“We see a lot of growth, particularly in the health-care and defense sectors,” says Mika Lofton, marketing and communications manager for Dynamic Computer.

The company employs about 20 people and a few independent contractors. Most focus on IT work for a number of industries, including aerospace, education and pharmaceuticals. But Dynamic Computer is seeing its biggest growth in its new Radio frequency identification services. This technology can track a number of things with little interference, like how often hospital employees wash their hands.

“That side of the business is rapidly expanding,” Lofton says.

Dynamic Computer is 30 years old and is still a family owned enterprise. The company’s current CEO, Farida Ali, is the daughter of its founder, Fida Borha.

Source: Mika Lofton, marketing and communications manager for Dynamic Computer
Writer: Jon Zemke