DP+Company grows in Farmington Hills, wants to hire 5-10 more

DP+Company has grown so much in Michigan that it’s looking to expand beyond the state’s borders sooner rather than later.

DP+Company, short for Duffey Petrosky+Company, has hired five people so far this year, bringing its payroll to 48 people and the occasional intern and independent contractor. The Farmington Hills-based firm hopes to hire another 5-10 people within the next year as it plans to hit other markets in the Midwest and beyond.

“I’m a big believer that if you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail,” says Mark Petrosky, CEO of DP+Company.

The firm, recently named by the Edward Lowe Foundation as one of Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch, specializes in marketing and communications, offering services in everything from traditional public relations to harnessing social media. Its clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield and Comcast.

Petrosky says the 12-year-old company has been able to maintain its double-digit growth over the last five years by investing in its personnel. It has focused on hiring experienced people for its leadership, instead of the normal business mantra of finding the youngest person to do the job for the lowest cost. The firm plans to continue with its philosophy to maintain its future growth.

“We like our strategy,” Petrosky says. “We’re feeding the culture of our agency.”
Source: Mark Petrosky, CEO of DP+Company
Writer: Jon Zemke