Climate Technologies Corp continues rebound in Farmington Hills

Climate Technologies Corp. is continuing to enjoy the fruits of an economic rebound as the Farmington Hills-based company pushes forward its transformation from auto-focused firm to green-tech business.

The company’s revenue is up modestly over the last year as it continues to develop projects that help its climate-control technology, which captures toxic gases and concentrates them so they can be used in things like fuel cells. It is also working in co-generation CHP in heavy industry and some alternative energy projects.

“It turned out to be a solid foundation to build on,” says Walt Zimmerman, CEO of Climate Technologies Corp. “We have made a lot of strides over the last couple of years to do clean-and-green projects.”

That has allowed Climate Technologies Corp to make a hire over the last year and bring on a few more independent contractors. It now has a staff of six employees, one intern and three independent contractors. Zimmerman expects to see significant growth in 2013 because of the prospects of more work for his company in the near future.

“There are a number of projects that are at a proposal point,” Zimmerman says. “We believe our customers are ready to go forward.”

Source: Walt Zimmerman, CEO of Climate Technologies Corp
Writer: Jon Zemke

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