City of Farmington is ‘redevelopment ready’

The city of Farmington says it’s redevelopment ready.


Armed with a variety of new tools, including tax incentives and expanded land uses, the city of Farmington is positioned to attract new business to its downtown and commercial areas as the state and national economies head toward recovery.

The announcement was made at a business seminar this month entitled, “City of Farmington – Where Good Things Grow,” that drew some 25 city and business leaders.

The property development seminar, organized by Farmington City Councilwoman JoAnne McShane, highlighted changes Farmington and its downtown have made to attract landlords, tenants and other real estate leaders to fill the downtown’s vacancies, and to redevelop the city’s older commercial areas.

“The possibilities are endless here in Farmington right now,” said Kevin Christiansen, land planning and entitlement manager for Pulte Homes, who moderated the seminar’s five-member discussion panel.

“We call ourselves ‘redevelopment ready.'”

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