City cooperation leads to joint robotic sewer camera purchase

Farmington and Farmington Hills are continuing to exercise joint cooperation for the good of both communities. The two municipalities are not only combining forces to spearhead development along the Grand River Ave. corridor; they’re also sharing equipment to save taxpayer dollars. Call it good stewardship — or just common sense.

City council members from both cities agreed to share the cost of purchasing a robotic sewer camera. Farmington Hills will front $21,500 toward the cost of the item, while Farmington will chip in $15,000 and additional equipment valued at $6,000. The municipalities will also share any maintenance costs that are incurred in the future.


“Right now, we have a lot of storm sewer pipe in the city that’s very
old,” said McCarthy. “And as that has deteriorated, we have two options.
You cannot crawl through some of these smaller pipes to repair these,
so we dig it up, see what we have underneath, which is labor-intensive
and very destructive to the roads and driveways in the city.”

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