Oakland County use and zoning program updated

Did you know that in the 12 years since 2001, over 17,700 new single family residential parcels have been developed on 4,700 acres in Oakland County? Or that more than 50% of single-family residential acreage in Oakland County consists of lots one acre or greater? Or that more than 20% of Oakland County is water or recreational use?
These are the types of statistics that Oakland County Economic Development and Community Affairs tracks year after year. The department has recently completed the countywide 2012 land use information update for all the cities, villages and townships (CVTs) in Oakland County. Communities who are in the process of updating their master plan will find this information especially useful. Maps and summary statistics for all of Oakland County and each community are available at on the Advantage Oakland website.
Oakland County’s annual Land Use Program creates parcel-specific, digital land use data using the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS). This data is used by Oakland’s CVTs, other County departments, planners, and many others. Online land use maps in Adobe Acrobat are 8 1/2″ x 11″ (letter size); however, maps up to 36″ x 42″ or larger and custom maps are available at the One Stop Shop Business Center.
The web site also contains printable land use statistical summaries for each of the CVTs and countywide for the past five consecutive years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, also in Adobe Acrobat. Archived information, back to 2001, is available upon request. Statistical summaries have been prepared for each community and the county showing total land use, percent land use by area, percent land use by parcels, single family land use by area, and single family parcels by density.
For more information or if you are interested in obtaining this data, please contact Ryan Dividock at (248) 858-4071 or dividockr@oakgov.com.

About Oakland County Economic Development & Community Affairs
The Oakland County Department of Economic Development & Community Affairs, under the leadership of County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, is committed to promoting economic vitality, supporting distinct communities and conserving environmental resources through knowledge, cooperation and consultation services. For additional information, visit AdvantageOakland.com.