Israel investing in Michigan, creating a stronger business economy

One year ago, in June 2013, Governor Snyder visited Israel with members of MEDC and the Michigan Israel Business Bridge (MIBB), an organization that facilitates business and investment opportunities between Michigan and Israel for their mutual economic benefit. Snyder said at the time, Israel is “a start-up nation and a high-tech nation,” and Michigan is well positioned to build stronger ties in areas such as automotive, water technology, defense and links between universities. Michigan companies exported nearly $117 million in goods and materials to Israel. Transportation equipment was the largest export item, at nearly $70 million, followed by machinery, chemicals and food manufactures.

Now, a year later, funding from the Israel Economic Mission, specifically through the Midwest office allows the Michigan Israel Business Bridge to increase its efforts to connect Israeli and Michigan Businesses. “Israeli businesses operating in Michigan have contributed significantly to the economy there through jobs and investment, revitalizing key components of the state’s economy and helping it to rise,” stated Yariv Becher, who serves as Israel’s Consul for Economic & Commercial Affairs to the Midwest. Becher is responsible for maintaining trade relationships between Israel and the 14 states that make up the Mid-western region of the United States. “Our job is to help Israeli start-ups get a ‘soft landing’ in the US, providing them with an instant infrastructure that can save them time, effort, and money.” The Israel Consul for Economic & Commercial Affairs is seeing the benefits to bringing and setting up business relationships in Michigan. The funding will allow for personal attention to setting meetings, tours and conferences for economic development.
According to Lis Ventures CEO and Michigan Israel Business Bridge President, Hannan Lis, “Our natural partnership with the Israel Economic Mission to the Midwest has now grown to the next level as we serve as continue to work together to encourage Michigan-Israel collaborations in business, research and investment.”
Pam Lippitt, MIBB Executive Director, looks forward to the ability to have dedicated staff and opportunities to reach out to companies in the areas of overlap between Michigan and Israel, especially in Automotive, Defense, Water, Life Science, Agri-tech and Cyber-Tech sectors. “There is no question but R&D in Israel effects our everyday life, “ she states. “This funding allows us to share that message in the Michigan business community.”
For more information call the Michigan Israel Business Bridge office at 248-642-1701 or email