Downtown Clawson starts new streetscape project

The new downtown Clawson streetscape will
pave the way for a new and improved infrastructure for businesses,
pedestrians, and stakeholders in the Oakland County suburb.

Workers are removing old tree stumps and taking down the old
cobrahead streetlights at the intersection of Main Street and 14 Mile
Road. The $1.2 million project, funded partly with $760,000 in federal
cash, will revamp Main between Wolper and Phillips Street and 14 Mile
between Washington and Bellevue Street. Work should wrap up by the time
the weather starts to turn cold.

“We hope to be planting trees
this fall,” says Joan Horton, director of the Clawson Downtown Development
. “That will be one of the last parts of the project.”


to-dos include decorative lighting, replacing worn out sidewalks and
laying brick pavers, and new landscaping, planters, trees, and bike

This is the first time downtown Clawson’s leaders have
made improvements to the city’s center. A few years ago they put Main on
a diet by shrinking the five-lane byway to three lanes. The idea was to
create more on-street parking for businesses and to slow traffic to
protect pedestrians. Similar plans to put the downtown section of 14
Mile on a diet are also in the works.

Source: Joan Horton,
director of the Clawson Downtown Development Authority

Jon Zemke