Clawson’s new candy store may be the largest in state

Clawson’s Doc Sweets’ Candy Co. may be the largest candy store in Michigan at 5,000-square-feet. Imagine a kid in this candy store. Yikes!


The 5,000-square-foot store, believed to be the largest retail candy
store in Michigan, has just about every size and flavor possible of
both new and nostalgic candies.

Old-school favorites like Mary
Janes, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Bit-O-Honey and candy cigarettes are
“mixed in with all the new stuff” like Warheads, Toxic Waste and other
extreme sour candies.

An entire wall is devoted to bubble gum,
sold by the piece or the yard. The display of Now and Later candy,
popular in the 1970s when Sklena was a kid, features 22 flavors. Jelly
Belly gourmet jelly beans are available in bulk in 48 flavors. Whirly
pop suckers range in diameter from 2 1/2 inches to a foot, and Sugar
Daddy lollipops weigh up to one pound.

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