Clawson Firm Offers Acrylic, Felt Workplace and Classroom Dividers

Acoufelt acrylic desk divider
Acoufelt has released its line of desk dividers to prevent the spread of germs. Photo courtesy of Acoufelt

A Clawson company has created three types of workspace dividers for use in offices and classrooms made of at least 60 percent recycled plastic bottles in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acoufelt, which offers acoustic comfort products for floors, walls, and ceilings, is now offering FilaSorb acoustic desk dividers, clear-site acrylic desk dividers, and a combination of the two. The company is based in Australia and has its North American headquarters in Clawson.

FilaSorb felt screens and dividers are entirely covered in felt, isolating individual areas and adding acoustic benefits. The dividers can be 16-24 inches high, up to 72 inches wide, and up to 30 inches deep. Every square foot of Acoufelt Filasorb Acoustic panel contains the regenerated fibers made from about 6.6 20-ounce recycled plastic bottles.

The Clearly Quiet desk solutions offer the acoustic benefits of felt while allowing line of sight to the space around the user through acrylic windows. The solution can be 16-24 inches high, up to 72 inches wide, and up to 30 inches deep.

The company also offers clear acrylic dividers without the acoustic material. However, they have felt trim to protect surfaces and soften edges. For this solution, the height can be 16-24 inches, 24-48 inches wide, and 24 inches deep.

Acoufelt also offers single-board felt dividers.

“Acoufelt’s commitment to workplace wellness prompted us to create solutions that support people as they get back to work and school,” says Kristi Rubino, director of marketing for Acoufelt. “Anywhere people gather, our products can be used as extra protection.”

The felt is available in many colors, and four different mounting options are available.

The products can be cleaned and disinfected, will not discolor, and are stain and bacteria resistant. They can be recycled, and about 132 bottles go into the creation of each desk divider. The company says COVID-19 and other closely related viruses become inactive on porous surfaces such as felt more quickly than on nonporous surfaces.

The solutions are available in single boards as well as U- and L-shaped configurations. Most of the U- and L-shaped solutions that are entirely or partially covered with felt and have interlocking screens and dividers start at about $200 per desk but can cost up to $700 per desk depending the product chosen and its size. Mobile interlocking screens and acoustics are about $100-$130 each, while single-board dividers start at about $60 and privacy screens start at about $100.

U- and L-shaped dividers made of acrylic with felt edges start at about $60 and go up to about $150.

Mounts and brackets must be purchased separately.

More information is available here.

Written by Grace Turner for dBusiness magazine.