Clawson begining streetscape project in spring

Clawson continues to steadily create a
city center in the otherwise suburban suburb. Its latest step is a
streetscape project that promises to recreate the sleepy little
intersection at Main Street and 14 Mile Road.

The project will
revamp the two main streets of Clawson’s downtown, including Main
between Wolper and Phillips, and 14 Mile between Washington and
Bellevue. That involves installing decorative lighting, replacing worn
out sidewalks, and installing new landscaping, planters, trees, and
bike racks. Brick pavers will also be installed along with the new

“It’s a first step,” says Joan Horton, director of the Clawson Downtown Development Authority. “This is one of our first brick-and-mortar projects that we have had in a long time.”

projects including putting Main on a diet a few years ago. That
consisted of shrinking the five-lane road to three lanes and creating
two lanes of parallel parking. This resulted in more parking spaces for
local businesses, slower traffic, protection for pedestrians, and
making the downtown more walkable in general. Clawson plans to also put
14 Mile on a diet in the downtown section soon, too.

“That’s very important for us as a downtown and a city,” Horton says. “The road needs to be for all sorts of traffic.”

$1.2 million project is being funded in part by $760,398 in recently
awarded federal Transportation Enhancement funding. Work is expected to
begin this spring and wrap up later in the summer.

Source: Joan Horton, director of the Clawson Downtown Development Authority
Writer: Jon Zemke