Movement opens national headquarters in downtown Clarkston

Movement, a national executive search and staffing firm with global reach, opened its doors in downtown Clarkston — housing a large recruitment team to support their client base around the world, including Headhunters.

Doug Scott, general manager of Movement, says he assembled a team of professional search pros to use internet spider technology, social media and database tools to find passive candidates who may be open to new opportunities.


After working for one of the large, national staffing firms for more than 20 years, Scott said he was ready for a change. During the past year, he kept in touch with many of his colleagues and worked to create a unique business model for the industry. He knew there was a better way to develop and support those who dedicated their life’s work to the business of headhunting. Through these efforts, Movement was born.

“We definitely have an inverted organizational chart here. The recruiters who work for us are at the top and my job is to provide all of the resources possible to make sure they are successful. Not many people can do this business well, and I want to make sure that Movement is always the firm of choice for the best in our industry.”  

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