Many cities have Main Streets, but everyone in Metro Detroit finds their way to Royal Oak\’s. Its multitude of dining options and nightspots lure in the crowds around the clock, but the city\’s charming bungalows, high-end lofts and townhouses, as well as plentiful parks, are what make it a premier residential borough.


Holly’s Venerable Union Depot Train Station Competes for $2 Million in National Contest

The Village of Holly and its Union Depot are vying for a share of $2 million to help rehabilitate and transform the building into a welcome center touting Holly’s...

Building a Talent Pool

Zlphia Martin was just a kid when she realized she had a gift for computers and technology, taking on the role of IT guru for her family by fixing...

Dig Into These 6 Gourmet Hot Dogs

What is Detroit without the Coney dog? Ever since Gust Keros opened American Coney Island in 1917, the beef frankfurter nestled inside a warm bun, topped with chili, mustard,...

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