Top Award Goes to Medical Main Street’s Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet

In early November, a medical device invented by Medical Main Street’s Dr. Mick Perez-Cruet received a top award at the North American Spine Society Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.
The Award for “Best New Technology For Spine Care in 2011” was given to Thompson MIS, a subsidiary of Michigan’s Thompson Surgical Instruments, for their BoneBac Press. The reusable BoneBac™ Press is a patented system that enables surgeons to more effectively utilize local autograft bone for use in fusion and reconstructive procedures. Graft shavings created during decompression that would normally be discarded are captured and separated from excess fluids.  It produces a condensed puck of autograft with ideal handling characteristics. The BoneBac™ Press is an element of the BoneBac™ System, which was developed to simplify minimally invasive spine surgery and reduce procedure costs.
The BoneBac Press was invented by Dr. Perez-Cruet’s company, MI4 Spine, located in Michigan’s Medical Main Street region. MI4Spine subsequently assigned the patent for the device to Thompson MIS for development and commercialization.