Bloomfield Hills home featured on HGTV

As an interior designer, Staci Meyers is no stranger to transforming area living spaces in the area from dated to daring. But this latest renovation, of her own 1960’s home, may have been her biggest challenge yet. Meyers, who works at Dominick Tringali Architects in Bloomfield Hills, competed against two other local houses on HGTV designer Monica Pedersen’s show, “Bang For Your Buck.” The Meyers home, which was described as “a modern home renovation with a downdraft cook top,” underwent a complete renovation of the master bedroom and kitchen.


The couple was on vacation in Florida when they were given the good
news, and they were a bit stressed because they had basically gutted all
the bathrooms in their house and still did not have their drywall
finished. Somehow, they managed to get everything done on time.

“We were painting and we had a cleaning crew come in the
house the day before filming. … I work on tight deadlines all the time
at work, but this one was a lot more trying just because it was my own
personal residence. Knowing that it was going to be on national TV made
it even more intense, but it was fun,” said Meyers.

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