Work starts on Birmingham’s Baldwin Bridge

Work is about to begin on the replacement of the Baldwin Avenue Bridge in Birmingham.

officials plan to close it down for construction on Aug. 3 and work is
expected to wrap up by November. Birmingham is gearing up to do a lot
of work
on its bridges this summer, including improvements to the West Maple
Road, Oak Street and Lakeside Drive North bridges. The biggest project
is the $700,000 replacement of the Baldwin Bridge.

It dates back
to the 1920s and has been showing decades’ worth of wear and tear for a
while now. Gone will be the narrow, one-lane bridge, replaced by a
two-lane span with a 5-foot-wide sidewalk. The city plans to recreate
the historic arch underneath with a stone-cut façade. It has done this
with four other bridge replacements.

Source: City of Birmingham
Writer: Jon Zemke