Mortgage start-up Hall Financial opens in Birmingham, makes 14 hires

David Hall, the name and voice that once graced the marketing materials of Quicken Loans, is now the brains behind Metro Detroit’s newest mortgage company — Hall Financial.

The Birmingham-based company is in its first year and has grown to a staff of 14 employees, three independent contractors, and a few interns. Hall points out that growth is organic and he expects it to continue as he focuses on creating commerce, jobs, and a successful business.

“We’re hoping to have 20 employees by the end of the year,” says Hall, president of Hall Financial. “We think we’re going to make it.”

The company specializes in residential home mortgages, but hopes to grow its product offerings as it expands. Hall would also like to become more involved with the local philanthropic community as Hall Financial establishes itself over the next year. He may even be open to doing a commercial or two in the not-too-distant future.

“Maybe in the future,” Hall says.

Source: David Hall, president of Hall Financial
Writer: Jon Zemke