JABS Gym brings BoYo to Birmingham

A new gym that combines yoga and boxing into one workout has moved into Birmingham’s burgeoning Rail District.

JABS Gym opened last month at 2285 Cole with a boxing ring inside and an intimate workout studio, where BoYo is taught and combines the stretch, strength and inner calming of yoga with the high-impact cardio of boxing.

Besides BoYo, owners Willie “Fortune 500” Fortune, a pro boxer, David Tessler, a yoga expert, and his wife Meagan Tessler offer kickboxing and boot camps with group and individual classes and workouts.

There is also a weigh room and workout equipment.

The opening is filling out the Rail District, a mixed use development just east of downtown Birmingham off Maple Road, where there are townhouses, successful retailers and service-oriented businesses such as the Robot Garage and Goldfish Swim School and soon-to-open restaurants such as Griffin Claw Brewing Co.

Writer: Kim North Shine
Source: Meagan Tessler, co-owner, JABS Gym