Energy Sciences and Madison Heights team up to save energy, tax dollars

Birmingham-based Energy Sciences Resource Partners
has worked its energy-saving magic with the city of Madison Heights,
making it the latest municipality to update city buildings in the
interest of saving tax dollars.

Changes such as the installation
of motion-sensing lights and other forms of energy-saving lighting
design to City Hall, the senior center, the police department and the
Department of Public Services will save the city $23,000 annually.
Energy Sciences co-owner Frank Schulmeister says a second round of
energy consumption improvements will result in even more savings on
energy bills.

“What’s even better is this is creating jobs and
we’re being environmental stewards by saving all these kilowatt hours
that have to be produced by these big power plants,” Schulmeister says.
“It’s good for commerce all the way around.”

While numerous
local, county and state buildings across Michigan, including Rochester
and Auburn Hills, have completed
energy-efficiency upgrades, private business is also making sure they
are smart when it comes to energy.

“We have clients that range
anywhere from 5,000-square-foot single business to Chrysler Corp. and
Dow Chemical,” Schulmeister says.

Energy Sciences specialty is to
identify energy waste, design a plan to address it and help secure
funding to make the improvements. Madison Heights’ changes came at a
cost of $99,400. Funds came from Energy, Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants.
The second round of changes in Madison Heights will upgrade heating and
cooling systems at city buildings and be paid for with an $83,347 loan
from the Michigan Public Service Commission. The improvements are aimed at reducing Madison Heights’ energy usage by 25 percent by 2015.

The majority of energy reduction design projects, if not all, use state funding, grants or rebates from DTE’s Energy Optimization Program,
Schulmeister says. Energy Sciences, one of several energy consulting
companies, has rounded up more than $500,000 in the last year, he says

Sources: Automation Alley; Frank Schulmeister, co-owner, Energy Science Resource Partners
Writer: Kim North Shine

A version of this story ran in Metromode.