Detroit Guitar rocks downtown Birmingham

The owners of Birmingham’s newest guitar store say they’ve found a way to translate their passion for the instrument into a successful business.

Birmingham residents Eric and Tracey Wolfe ran into Charlie Lorenzi and Claudia Leo, co-owners of Ann Arbor’s No Fun Records, in a guitar store in 2006. Call it an auspicious meeting — the two couples became fast friends, and decided to launch Detroit Guitar this year.

The store, located at 243 W. Maple, features a selection of fine guitars and amps, plus accessories and lessons. They also plan to host live events in the coming months.


With customers being Detroit Guitar’s sole focus, the store’s theme, “Rock Royalty,” will make all who walk through the door feel right at home. “Specialized lighting and seating will make them feel welcome — not just to buy but to hang around and be encouraged to play the guitar,” said Wolfe.

Catch the riff here.