City of Birmingham enhances $2.3M Shain Park renovation

Changes are coming to the Shain Park renovation project, which is just getting underway.

The downtown Birmingham Park is about to undergo a $2.3 million renovation and expansion project that promises to remake and enhance the greenspace. There are some last-minute changes coming for it, too, such as enhanced lighting on the Marshall Fredricks statue and War Memorial and improvements to the reading area.

The current plan is a downsized version of what was originally proposed. The original plans called for a 210-space parking garage beneath the park extension onto a vacant lot across Henrietta Street, next to The Townsend Hotel. The idea was nixed when it became apparent that the cost would approach eight figures.

Now the city plans to turn about two-thirds of the vacant parcel into green space. The remaining third will be maintained as parking, downsized from 150 spaces to 87, including new spots on the street. It will also pay for the addition of an amphitheater.

Source: City of Birmingham
Writer: Jon Zemke