CitrinGroup moves to Birmingham’s downtown, doubles revenue

CitrinGroup is looking to capitalize on
its recent growth by moving its offices from suburban office towers in
Southfield to a downtown space in the heart of Birmingham.

have traveled and lived all over the world, but Birmingham is a real
entrepreneurial place,” says Jon Citrin, founder and CEO of CitrinGroup and a
34-year-old Birmingham native/resident. “There are a lot of
entrepreneurs and small businesses here.”

Citrin was also looking
for a centrally located space that his clients would enjoy visiting.
Downtown Birmingham’s central location and vibrancy provided the perfect
location for his growing 7-year-old firm.

The investment firm
has doubled its revenue in the last 18 months and expects to grow it
another 50-75 percent over the next year. That fast-yet-consistent
growth has allowed Citrin to hire two employees and bring on three
independent contractors last year, which he hopes to repeat again over
the next year. Staffing levels currently stand at four full-timers and
10 independent contractors.

Source: Jon Citrin, founder and CEO of Citrin Group
Jon Zemke