Broder & Sachse hires a dozen people in Birmingham

Broder & Sachse is no longer just one company but three, a split that allowed the Birmingham-based firms to score double-digit growth over the last year.

The real-estate services company spun out Brewster Maintenance (a property-maintenance business) and Stuart Mechanical (an HVAC firm) last year. Since doing so the three companies, all still under the same ownership, have been able to add new customers and increase their revenues by 15 percent.

“These two companies have been growing, independently, very nicely,” says Richard Broder, CEO of Broder & Sachse.

That growth has allowed the three companies to expand their staffs by 15 percent, hiring a dozen people. The three firms now employ a combined 90 people and a handful of summer interns. Stuart Mechanical and Brewster Maintenance now employ 20 people between them.

“We have added a couple of new employees to all three companies,” Broder says.

Broder expects his companies to continue growing at their current rate for the foreseeable future.

Source: Richard Broder, CEO of Broder & Sachse
Writer: Jon Zemke

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