Birmingham’s SmartFinds unveils new service

The Internet marketing game isn’t just about search engine optimization or social media anymore. It’s about combining both of those with consumer feedback and smart phone technology.

That’s the gist behind SmartFinds’ newest business venture — Local Business Listing Management Services. It’s a new service offering the 13-person firm hopes to turn into a revenue generator and jobs creator this year.

The downtown Birmingham-based company has traditionally helped businesses navigate through the world of electronic information, helping them understand how people use the Internet and how to adjust their advertising and marketing campaigns accordingly. That has recently meant search engine optimization and social media.

Today it means that and more. SmartFinds now helps its customers manage content listing websites like Yelp and how their content is viewed through smart phones, largely seen as the next frontier in the Internet world.

“There are 60 different websites in four different categories,” says Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds. “Our service manages all of that.”

The end result is not only turning web traffic into dollars for its customers but also building and defending brands for companies. Oztalay is starting to get some nibbles for this service. He says a national auto dealer group has signed on and a national electronics store is about to make the leap.

Source: Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds
Writer: Jon Zemke