Birmingham’s P15 Studios develops TV/videogame hybrid

Kids these days spend a lot of their time doing one of two things — watching TV or playing video games. P15 Studios wants to take advantage of both of those sectors.

The Birmingham-based start-up is creating a video game that incorporates live actors. The 9-month-old firm’s 10 employees and 25 independent contractors, all gamers, are working on the concept from P15 Studios space above Cosi in downtown Birmingham.

“It will bring a level of gaming and television that wasn’t here before,” says Doug Kinnison, producer and CEO of P15 Studios.

Similar to a TV show, real actors will act out story lines determined by gamers. The actors will be doing anything from drama to sports. “We know where the show is going but we don’t know how it’s going to get there,” Kinnison says.

Kinnison estimates it will take about 200 employees to fully complete one single game. He expects his company will go on a big hiring binge once his concept catches on, something he doesn’t see as a problem with the state’s movie tax credits. He also would like to see this concept expand into things like iPhone applications.

“There are a lot of people we will be hiring,” Kinnison says. “It has the potential to become a huge industry here.”

Source: Doug Kinnison, producer and CEO of P15 Studios
Writer: Jon Zemke