Birmingham’s Griffin Claw Brewing Co. Taps New Technology to Capture CO2 Emissions

Griffin Claw products
Griffin Claw Brewing Co. has partnered with Earthly Labs to that captures carbon waste from its operations. Photo courtesy Griffin Claw Brewing Co.

Responding to a shortage of CO2 used to carbonate drinks, Griffin Claw Brewing Co., a microbrewery located in Birmingham’s Rail District, has partnered with Earthly Labs to tap new technology that captures carbon waste from its operations.

Earthly Labs technology allows breweries to supplement CO2 supply by capturing and using their own natural CO2, which has fewer hydrocarbons and other impurities.

To mark the new technology, Griffin Claw states it will release a specialty beer brewed with recaptured CO2, soon to be available in its Birmingham and Rochester Hills taprooms. Griffin Claw is the first craft brewery in Michigan to purchase Earthly Labs carbon capture technology to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Brewers Association forecasted a CO2 shortage of up to 30 percent due to the downturn in ethanol production as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earthly Labs, based in Austin, Texas, states CO2 shortages has led to delivery delays and price spikes.

Earthly Labs plug-and-play carbon capture technology, called CiCi, enables craft breweries like Griffin Claw to capture 100,000 pounds of waste CO2 or more from the brewing process each year and reuse it to carbonate and package beer.

“Earthly Labs technology reduces our supply chain risk while reducing our emissions footprint,” says Pat Craddock, CFO at Griffin Claw. “As a result, we reduce costs, make better beer, and invest in clean air. It’s a no brainer.”

To learn more about the technology, breweries can sign up for a webinar hosted by the Brewers Association on Dec. 17 featuring Earthly Labs brewing customers. Go to to learn more.

Griffin Claw Brewing Co., a microbrewery and distillery, distributes beer and hard cider throughout Michigan. In addition, its spirits are available at their two taproom locations.

Griffin Claw is owned by Bonnie LePage and Mary Nicholson. Their husbands and families are the same management team behind Big Rock Chophouse and The Reserve, both in Birmingham, East Side Mario’s in Livonia and Rochester Hills, and Clubhouse BFD in Rochester Hills.