Birmingham plans for crosswalks and wind energy ordinance

Birmingham officials are making plans for where people walk downtown and which way the wind blows.

The city’s Planning Commission is reviewing proposals for a wind-energy ordinance and improving the downtown area’s crosswalks. It hopes to tackle both issues this summer.

City officials are reviewing intersection crosswalks to see how the area’s walkability can be improved. This could include actions as simple as re-striping the existing crosswalks to building new ones in high-traffic areas. The easier the improvement, the sooner it will be done.

“It depends on what improvements are recommended,” says Jana Ecker, planning director for the city of Birmingham.

The wind ordinance would create the proper bureaucratic framework to permit the creation of wind turbines in the city. The idea is to make it easier to install wind turbines and encourage more production of alternative energy. The City Commission approved a similar ordinance for solar panels earlier this year.

Source: Jana Ecker, planning director for the city of Birmingham
Writer: Jon Zemke