Birmingham fights Rouge River erosion with new initiative

Birmingham’s Booth Park is getting a
little bit of river bank restoration love this fall, thanks to a new
city improvement project.

The city is focusing on the
prevention of river erosion on the Rouge River at the point where it
enters the 4-acre park, just north of downtown. A sharp bend in the
river causes the western bank to erode with the river’s current. To
remedy this problem, city staff are trying to straighten out the river
and reinforce a city seawall already in place.

“That’s in there
to prevent North Old Woodward from sliding into the river,” says
Brendan Cousino, assistant city engineer for Birmingham.

To help
prevent this, workers are clearing out some space for flooding and
native plantings to soak up some of the water that rushes through. They
are also placing some rock structures in the river bed to help center
the river flow.

The project is expected to wrap up in October.

Source: Brendan Cousino, assistant city engineer for Birmingham
Writer: Jon Zemke