A look back: Birmingham’s Civil War reminders

The Birmingham Historical Museum & Park will celebrate the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Civil War with a new exhibit that examines the perspectives of soldiers from Birmingham who fought on the front lines, as well as the families they left behind.

Drawing from both the museum’s archives and private collectors, the Birmingham Historical Museum & Park will showcase personal letters, period clothing and military artifacts. Visitors will be able to visit the John West Hunter House, decorated with antiques from the period and occupied for decades by Civil War veteran Henry Randall.

Birmingham’s own personal history with the Civil War is on display — one special artifact is an eight-foot model of the 1869 Birmingham Civil War Memorial in Shain Park, which bears the name of local soldiers who gave their lives during the conflict. Civil War-related programs and activities will take place during the course of the exhibit from now until the fall, including lectures, events, and book signings in conjunction with the Baldwin Public Library.
The Birmingham Historical Museum & Park is open Wed-Sat. from 1 pm-4 pm. General admission is $5; students and seniors, $3; and children and members of the Friends of the Birmingham Historical Museum & Park may visit for free. (Please note, they cannot accept passes during the Civil War exhibit.) The museum is located at 556 W. Maple, Birmingham, Michigan at the intersection of Maple (15 Mile Rd) and Southfield.

Visit the website, call (248) 530-1928, or e-mail here.