Fountain of Youth MD open for business

Fountain of Youth MD, an anti-aging medical company based in Bingham Farms, Michigan, is pleased to announce that it opened for business August 15, 2012. The company specializes in providing anti-aging care to residents of senior living communities, including assisted living and independent living facilities.

“The thing that’s special about our business model,” states Mark Weis, MD Fountain of Youth MD CEO,” is whereas the traditional practice model is that patients must travel to their physician’s office to receive their care, at Fountain of Youth MD we remove the inconvenience and disruption of your having to travel to our facility by literally coming to your door. Yes, it’s true—we make house calls! Our highly trained Mobile Care Team composed of an experienced Physician and a Care Manager comes to the facility and provides the client’s care in the comfort and privacy of their home. Our experience in the healthcare industry has taught us that a trip to and from the doctor’s office can be a major ordeal for many seniors. Our care model eliminates client travel time and cost, as well as possible exposure to inclement weather during the travel. It also negates potential exposure to infectious disease in waiting rooms, as well as the drudgery of long waits in the physician’s office. I love the fact that during the process of pampering our clients, we are reducing their healthcare risk and adding to their quality of life.”

David Koyle, longtime Oakland County resident and the President of Fountain of Youth MD, adds, “One of the company’s primary goals is to increase awareness among seniors regarding the great number of potential benefits anti-aging medicine provides. We treat seniors—and for clarification purposes, our company’s definition of senior is anyone age 55 or older, because so many energetic, healthy young Baby Boomers are entering senior living communities for the carefree lifestyle, numerous luxurious amenities and resort-like atmosphere many provide.”

Roger Bowman, the company’s Oakland County Mobile Team Care Manager, says he is extremely excited about the company’s prospects and its mission of serving others. “We firmly believe in the maxim ‘If you take care of your clients they will take care of you’.” Bowman goes on to add that “There’s definitely a buzz in the air about we’re doing. Although we opened the business with the goal of only providing care to assisted living and independent living facilities, we received so many calls from individuals interested our treatment not living in a senior community that we opened an office where we could treat them in a traditional outpatient setting!” 

Fountain of Youth MD views aging as a medical challenge, and looks forward to helping both groups of its clientele—residents of assisted and independent living facilities, and persons not residing in a senior community—live a more rewarding, fulfilling and productive life. Weis adds, “The main conditions we treat are menopause, andropause—also known as male menopause or low testosterone syndrome, and hypothyroidism. It’s amazing and very rewarding to watch how greatly people can improve when provided the appropriate customized therapy. We don’t view growing older as the end of the road. We see it as an opportunity to help our clients achieve their goals of becoming and remaining dynamic, vibrant, healthy and energetic for the rest of their lives.