Diversified Legal Staffing helps 50 legal pros find jobs

Finding a job in the legal world is far from as easy as it used to be. There is no shortage of news stories about too many attorneys graduating from law school for too few jobs. That’s why the team at Diversified Legal Staffing was happy to help 50 people find work in the legal world in 2013.

“We are flat-out overlawyered,” says Mark Grobbel, owner of Diversified Legal Staffing. “We have too many attorneys to meet the demand.”

The Bingham Farms-based company, an affiliate of D Diversified Services, helps professionals in the legal world find work. Those jobs range from attorneys to paralegals to legal administrative assistants.

Grobbel has been an attorney for 30 years and worked in legal staffing for 18 of those years. He started Diversified Legal Staffing in 2007 after being encouraged by a friend who owns D Diversified Services. Diversified Legal Staffing now employs a staff of six people.

Grobbel is pivoting his business plan by moving to a fixed-price hourly model for routine attorney document reviews. D Diversified Services will supply licensed attorneys at $30 per hour while carrying the cost of employing the attorneys. Grobbel hopes cost-effective pricing like this will lead to even more for the legal workers in Metro Detroit.

“If there is anyway to expand the pie, this is the way to do it,” Grobbel says.

Source: Mark Grobbel, owner of Diversified Legal Staffing
Writer: Jon Zemke

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