Boutique PR firm, Identity, grows thanks to creative vision and streamline operations

Identity, a boutique public relations firm, has always prided itself on its grand creative visions for clients. Now the Bingham Farms-based company can brag about streamline operations that help transform those visions into reality.

“We have put processes in place that help us to be the best agency we can be,” says Mark Winter, founder & partner of Identity. “We call it the identity way. It has created a framework that will allow us to get to the next level.”

The 17-year-old company has grow its revenue by 20 percent over the last year and is aiming to hit 30 percent growth this year. That has allowed it to hired five people in graphic design, media relations, and social media community management. Identity currently has a staff of 25 employees and an intern.

“We’re always looking,” Winter says. “We’re opportunistic with our hiring.”

That growth is coming from a diverse set of revenue streams. About a third of its growth comes from increased work from existing business, a third comes from referrals, and a third from request for proposals. Its clients span a wide variety of industries and region, and no one client supplies a large percentage of the firm’s revenue.

“We are extremely diversified in terms of clients,” Winter says.

Source: Mark Winter, founder & partner of Identity
Writer: Jon Zemke

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