EasyG technology looks to minimize lag time in ECG testing

Inspiration struck Tom Evans when he was going to school at Marquette University and working as an EMT in Milwaukee. He saw that there had to be a better way to apply electrocardiogram, commonly known as ECG, equipment to cardiac victims in their time of need.

“Time is muscle when it comes to heart conditions and heart attacks,” Evans says. “I thought there was a better way to apply ECG equipment to patients.”

So Evans came up with EasyG, a sensor that allows ECG equipment to work through clothing. Today medical professionals have to remove clothing to apply traditional ECG equipment. Sometimes they have to shave hair off chests or deal with sweat that can cause the sensors to come off.

The Beverly Hills-based startup is currently testing its product and working toward FDA approval. “Commercialization is our next goal,” Evans says.

The startup and its team of two people recently made the semifinals of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition. It is currently looking to target ambulance companies and healthcare systems as its first customers. It is also considering military firms and home-healthcare companies as clients further down the line.

Source: Tom Evans, CEO of EasyG
Writer: Jon Zemke

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