Westborn Markets continues made in Michigan focus with private label wines

Westborn Market

, a consistent supporter of all things Michigan-made is adding two new proprietary Michigan-made items to its shelves this month, premium white wines from St. Julian Winery in Paw Paw, Michigan. 
The exclusive new Unoaked Chardonnay Pinot Grigio wines, grown in the Lake Michigan Shore appellation, arrived in stores this month and are the latest entrants in Westborn’s exclusive private label offerings.
Consistent with Westborn’s constant search for the most innovative, highest quality and tastiest products in Michigan, the grocer has successfully partnered with St. Julian, Michigan’s oldest, largest and most award-winning winery, several times in the past. 
“One of our goals has always been to feature the best of Michigan made products and we’ve had sell-out success whenever we’ve partnered with St. Julian,” says Westborn CEO Bryan Bandyk.  “They produce consistently great products that appeal to Westborn shoppers so we’re always happy to see St. Julian products on our shelves.”
“We share Westborn’s passion for locally made products. In fact, all of our fruits are Michigan grown, so we always have the freshest ingredients,” says Justin Weeks, St. Julian’s Marketing Director.  “Like Westborn, we’re a long-time family-owned and operated business, completely dedicated to delivering only the finest products.”
The new MI Wines are the latest entries to join Westborn Market’s growing roster of hand selected private label partnerships and will carry Westborn’s “Drink Good Wine” motto and name. The private label program is designed to find high-quality and imaginative local products that Westborn shoppers desire.  Westborn’s emphasis on locally sourced products is an important way for the market to identify and stock the newest and most interesting creations.  At the same time, Westborn seeks to help raise the profile of newer items, supporting entrepreneurs and helping to grow and improve the overall Michigan food economy.
“Michigan’s food, beer and wine industries are becoming an increasingly important part of the state’s overall economy, contributing more than $100 billion annually. Anything we can do to help it along is good for everyone, including our customers.” concludes Bandyk.
For more information about Westborn Market, including its new private label wines, please visit www.westbornmarket.com.
About Westborn Market: Westborn Market (www.westbornmarket.com) is a Michigan-based business dedicated to bringing the freshest and finest quality produce, meats, cheeses and specialty groceries to the metropolitan Detroit market. With locations in Berkley, Dearborn, Livonia and Plymouth, Westborn is committed to freshness, variety and uncompromised customer service.