The Berkley Book Corner hails the return of the neighborhood bookstore

With the fast-growing popularity of electronic readers such as Kindle, many are quick to proclaim that print is dead. Victor and Michelle Woodell disagree. In the void left behind by the closing of Borders Books, this husband and wife decided to open The Berkley Book Corner, a bookstore in the grand tradition of independently-owned family bookstores (a tradition nearly destroyed by the likes of Borders itself).

The Berkley Book Corner opened in early November, and provides shoppers with the kind of tactile browsing opportunity just not possible when shopping for and reading books electronically. “If you go online, you can’t really browse books,” Victor Woodell says. “You pretty much have to know what you’re looking for. In a bookstore, you look around, find the book you’re looking for and a book next to it. Or, you look across the store at something completely different that you might not have considered otherwise.”

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