Strategic Energy Solutions goes green with its new Berkley home

Strategic Energy Solutions just finished turning its new home in an industrial brownfield green.

building on 11 Mile in Berkley served as an industrial facility for
half a century until Strategic Energy Solutions purchased it last year.
The sustainability technology firm renovated it into an environmentally
friendly structure that is going for silver LEED certification.

building’s 9,200 square feet of loft-like office space is heated and
cooled with a geothermal system. Strategic Energy Solutions added a
plethora of windows, including making the entire east side wall
transparent. There is so much light that every employee has a view.

it’s day or night, snowing or raining everybody can see outside,” says
Steve DiBerardine, president of Strategic Energy Solutions.

11-year-old company used to call Ferndale home before spending about $1
million reinventing its new Berkley space. It’s now big enough that the
company can comfortably expand for the next few years as it continues
to rake in the green.

Source: Steve DiBerardine, president of Strategic Energy Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke