Game sales to help maintain theater marquee

Ellen Brissen wants to make sure that Berkley residents will always be able to meet friends under the theater marquee that towers over 12 Mile Road, midway between Greenfield and Coolidge in that city.

“It really is our landmark,” said Brissen, noting that it has been in existence since the 1940s. When friends gather from all over, “we say, ‘Meet you under the marquee.’ Like during Cruisefest.”

There isn’t much left of the original theater but the marquee, part of the lobby and a few seats, Brissen said. The rest of the building is occupied by Rite Aid, but residents like to leave posters on the windows. And the marquee itself still announces some local events.

Now Brissen is part of a core group that realized maintaining the marquee — the responsibility of the parks and recreation department — is very expensive. The city department has done a “terrific job” of maintaining the marquee, she said, but funds for doing so have been reduced by the city. And maintaining it is “tough,” she added.

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