Berkley to spruce up downtown parking lot

After almost four years in development, the city of Berkley moved to approve funds to revamp a major parking lot on Twelve Mile Road between Griffith and Robina avenues.

The Berkley City Council unanimously approved a $464,484 contract to add six new parking spaces, resurface the lot, upgrade adjacent streets and install landscaping to beautify the municipal parking area.


In addition, Logsdon explained, the project will help make the parking
lot safer and cleaner by improving storm water management and
establishing a single trash drop-off spot.

“Right now, there are Dumpsters along the backs of all these buildings,
and it’s a real mess,” he said. “So the goal is to consolidate all of
that and put it in a central location. By doing this, we’re told that
these businesses will in fact save money by having everything done
centrally, and it will keep (the area) looking a lot nicer.”

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