Animal rescue to open on Berkley’s 11 Mile corridor

After receiving the nod from city officials, 11 Mile Rd. in Berkley will soon be home to a new animal shelter, New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

The no-kill facility, run exclusively by volunteers, has four main goals: providing temporary housing for Oakland County animals surrendered by their owners; placing homeless animals in permanent homes; offering supplies to needy pet caretakers via the rescue’s food pantry; and educating the public on proper pet care and humane animal treatment.

The building’s limited space, says New Beginnings President Lisa Hill, means continuing the rescue’s food pantry will be one of its most important concerns.


“Our pet food pantry program … is designed to keep people and pets together,” she explained. “There is no better place for an animal than with its loving family. With times being so tough, if we can keep that animal with that family instead of in the shelter or rescue system, then that’s the best (option).”

Since the food pantry started last December, Hill said, New Beginnings has helped more than 600 animals stay with their families. The organization has distributed approximately 8,000 pounds of pet food during that time, as well as about 3,000 pounds of cat litter.

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